International General Certificate of Secondary Education (International GCSE) from Switzerland and UK

The International GCSE is an international high school diploma for children aged 14 and up who aspire to study abroad at top, globally recognized universities, especially in the U.K and Europe. Some universities in the world can accept International GCSE immediately if students have outstanding achievements. However, most of the world’s top universities require a higher degree than IGCSE to enter the first year of university, such as A Level, PreU Diploma, or Level 3 Diploma. So, after graduating from the IGCSE International High School, students need to learn more to get the PreU/Level 3 Diploma (from 16 years old) to have the maximum chance of getting into top universities.

The PreUniversity of Switzerland (PUS) system links the International GCSE high school curriculum with a diploma system connected with the British competency framework. Students will get two internationally recognized high school certificates from SIMI Switzerland and SIMI UK upon completion.

When Europe applies the competency framework EQF (European Qualification Framework), the International GCSE diploma is recognized at the Level 2 Diploma level.

Differences of PUS's International GCSE program

Comprehensive inspection

The program is implemented according to the UK and Swiss dual system and has passed the accreditation of inspection systems for SIMI Swiss and Ofqual UK.

Flexible learning model

PUS uses a hybrid learning strategy in which students learn online on the system and attend extracurricular review classes at PUS-approved PPPs.

Scholarships and grants

Vietnamese students are supported at least 80% of tuition fees. If you study abroad at SIMI’s campus in Switzerland after graduation, you will be excused from at least 50% of your tuition fees.

Transfer unlimitedly

Due to the dual degree system and accredited diplomas, after graduation, students have unlimited transfer to A Level / PreU / Level 3 programs all over the world.

Dual degree with UK

Students receive 2 degrees from the UK (accredited by Ofqual) and SIMI Switzerland (accredited by ASIC). The dual degree provides learners with unlimited transfer and transition.

Global recognition

Due to the dual degree system and accredited diplomas, after graduation, students have unlimited transfer to Bachelor’s programs at SIMI Switzerland and other universities.

Development RoadmapDevelopment roadmap (Swiss and British dual degree system)

  • 14-year-old

    International GCSE (IGCSE or Level 2)

    International GCSE (IGCSE or Level 2)
    Students from 14 years old will join IGCSE with PUS, receive 2 international high school diplomas are LRN Level 2 Certificate and Diploma in Pre A Foundation Studies (UK) and International General Certificate of Secondary Education from PUS.

  • 16-year-old

    PreU Foundation or Level 3 majors

    Students who successfully complete the PreU program will get a Level 3 Diploma in PreU Foundation Studies or a Level 3 Diploma in Business Studies from Switzerland or the United Kingdom.

  • 18-year-old

    During the first year of university

    In the 1st year of university majoring in SIMI Swiss or most universities in the UK, Europe, Canada, the United States or continue to study at Level 4 Diploma.

Catalog of the International GCSE programReceived 2 degrees from UK and Switzerland

PUS International GCSE

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