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SIMI is the first Higher Education provider in Zug, Switzerland. SIMI is accredited by ASIC and licensed by Canton of Zug, Switzerland in the training and research

Accredited by ASIC
Zug Switzerland, Legal license CHE-258.080.017

Hybrid learning represents a learning model that combines both formal (traditional classroom) and non-formal (online courses) methodologies. The Swiss Institute of Management and Innovation (SIMI) believes this learning model will have all the benefits of traditional class and online learning.

Characteristics of SIMI’s Hybrid Learning Model

Increase in Quality
Life-time learning
Personalized learning

Hybrid learning types

Based on the characteristics of students and each program, SIMI will select or coordinate several Hybrid Learning Models below to bring out the highest efficiency in the teaching and learning process:

  • Station Rotation Hybrid Learning
  • Flipped Classroom Hybrid Learning
  • Project-Based Hybrid Learning
  • Self-Directed Blended Learning

Student Centered Learning (SCL)

SIMI applies the Hybrid Learning Model with learner-centered positioning. With this approach, SIMI’s program will:

  • Focus on active learning rather than passive learning.
  • Emphasize on critical thinking, analytics and subject insight rather than grades and exam pressures.
  • Increase the responsibilities of students, who are responsible for his own learning through commitments, processes and scientific models
  • Increase active participation of students in each class
  • Increase students’ self-study and self-research skills

Steps of a Hybrid Learning Model

Before joining the class, students must study and research on SIMI LMS (SIMI’s Learning Management System), go through the notes and understand the learning, teaching plan and all the important inscriptions that SIMI lecturers want students to take notice of.

This step will help students understand what they will learn and what they need to do in order to learn.

SIMI broadcasts classes internationally enabling students from all over the world to participate. This allows students to interact with fellow students, communicate with lecturing staff effectively, and obtain support from the SIMI academic board.

Following the live session, students will attend a traditional (face-to-face) class with teachers in Switzerland or SIMI global campuses. In traditional classrooms, lecturers will focus on practical capacity, practical application of knowledge and activities that help strengthen the bond between lecturers and students as well as among students. Lecturers will also respond to the questions the students have during methodical research and live classes.

SIMI prioritizes the selection of SIMI-accredited native lecturers to teach in traditional classrooms based on market features, locations, and student characteristics. Native lecturers that meet SIMI’s standards, along with having the necessary skills and experience, will provide the students with practical experience and knowledge in the workplace, and an understanding of the cultural environment

Because each of countries/market has different forms of application, our local expert lecturers are the best choice for students.

In this stage, students are expected to have enough practical knowledge. They will conduct more study and apply the knowledge at a deeper understanding with SIMI’s vivid and extended lectures. The increase in dialectical thinking and applicability will result from scientifically planned lectures that adhere to adults’ abilities to receive knowledge.

The structure of SIMI’s self-study and research materials:

  • Tell me: What is it?
  • Show me: What can people do with this?
  • Involve me: What can I do with this?
  • Show me more: How is this knowledge being applied in practice?

Following the learning stage, the assignment stage, or the final essay, which assists students in re-learning, re-studying, and developing the application of the gained knowledge into their own reality.

PUS deploys the Hybrid Learning Model according to the standards of SIMI Swiss

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