PreUniversity of Switzerland (PUS) offers pre-university program for applicants who plan to study abroad at SIMI Swiss campus or transfer to more than 5000 Bachelor programs globally.
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Excellent Education

Switzerland is always known for its excellent education and PUS is the first pre-university system for international students from Switzerland.

Accreditation & Recognition

PUS is a member of SIMI which is accredited and recognized both at the organizational and program level to make PUS’s degree recognized globally.

Modern Training Model

PUS applies Hybrid Learning model with a combination of system-based and classroom training to increase training efficiency and save time in class.

Dual Recognition

Since PUS’s program is accredited and cross-recognized with the educational systems, students can earn a dual degree both from Switzerland and Europe.

Tuition Support

Students are sponsored with scholarships covering more than 90% of tuition fees with the support of EEH


PUS pre-university program is recognized and can be transferred without limitation by top universities worldwide, both public and private.

Campus & Training CenterSwitzerland | Germany | Singapore | Vietnam | Malaysia | Thailand

PUS has the one and only goal: To provide a globally recognized pre-university program

Preparing for full-time education abroad, particularly at SIMI, is a significant decision in terms of finance, knowledge base, and foreign languages. Pre-university programs are designed to help students save time & expenses while also providing the finest preparation for studying abroad.

Unlike other pre-university systems, PreUniversity of Switzerland (PUS) is a proud member of the Swiss Institute of Management and Innovation (SIMI). Therefore, pre-university programs at PUS prepared students for studying full-time at SIMI’s Swiss campus in Zug, Switzerland.

As a globally accredited and recognized program, if students have yet to have the opportunity to study full-time with SIMI in Switzerland, they can apply for most of the Bachelor’s programs at public and private universities in the UK, Europe, Canada, and the USA. After the program, students with Level 3 Diploma from the UK and Switzerland can also start working immediately.

Upon completion of the PreUniversity of Switzerland program, students will receive a Level 3 Diploma PreU in Foundation Studies (if enrolling in the International General Certificate of Secondary Education program) or a Level 3 Diploma in Business and Management (if oriented major in business administration). PUS certifications are accepted and recognized in over 5000 Bachelor’s programs worldwide.

PUS coordinates with and is recognized by the UK’s National Qualification System. Thus, students receive two Level 3 Foundation degrees from the UK and SIMI upon graduation.


Recognized & Accredited

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Zug Canton

Legal License No. CHE-258.08.017

Accreditation for International Schools, Colleges, & Universities, ASIC, UK

Accredited as Premier Institution
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OTHM United Kingdom

Management Programs accredited by Ofqual
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Confederation of Tourism and Hospitality

Hospitality Programs accredited by Ofqual
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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Accreditation number: 778678

The first pre-university system for international students in Switzerland

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