SIMI Quality Control System

C.A.T.S Quality control systems

CATS is a SIMI-developed quality management system for teaching and learning. SIMI’s program, which is based on the CATS model, is not only recognized by independent accrediting organizations, but it also assists SIMI in improving the quality of teaching and learning on a daily basis.

  • Contents: The framework of programs, syllabuses and lectures is constantly updated, the direction of practice and meets the requirements of the labor market.
  • Accreditation: 100% of SIMI’s programs must meet the accreditation requirements of third parties, independent accrediting organizations, partners and industry associations.
  • Technology: SIMI applies technology in teaching and develops technology systems dedicated to the Hybrid Learning training model. SIMI’s main systems include LMS (Learning Management Systems) and UMS (University Management Systems).
  • Services: SIMI performs teaching and learning activities with the spirit of service. This spirit views students, partners, third parties as customers.

SIMI ensures high levels of quality in innovation, academia, technology, and service with periodic and continuing improvement initiatives through the C.A.T.S. teaching and learning quality control system.



SIMI believes that being accredited from independent and reputable accrediting bodies will:

  • Assist SIMI in continuously improving and increasing the quality of teaching and learning, teaching staff, and activities to ensure the rights of global students, as well as to protect students and third parties from unfair competitive activities and deceptive communication.
  • Assist SIMI in determining its present quality state in order to meet the needs of the independent inspection system and stakeholders.
  • Make it simple for students to discern between reputable educational institutions and those that sell degrees or diploma mills.
  • Assist SIMI in the process of accrediting degrees, recognizing academic outcomes in environments with a variety of learning models, and engaging in trans-educational learning activities.

SIMI focuses on examining the following aspects:

  • SIMI accreditation as a competent Institute of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Training in Zug, Switzerland.
  • SIMI tested at the institutional level
  • SIMI tested at the program level
  • SIMI tested in affiliate programs
  • SIMI accreditation at the training stages to ensure that it is possible to convert and receive accreditation degrees for each stage.


SIMI has developed its own LMS (Learning Management System) with advanced functions:

  • Storing lectures and videos of lectures makes learning accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • The archive of documents and studies with a number of books coming from the most prestigious sources today.
  • Connect directly with libraries and international academia of sciences to expand the source of learning materials.
  • The platform assists the interaction between students, faculty and SIMI’s academic management team.

SIMI has developed its own University Management Systems with the following functions:

  • Automate the process of registration, application, and applications handling.
  • Control tightly the learning process.
  • Manage grades throughout the program and can retrieve academic results after graduation.
  • Manage other teaching and learning activities for SIMI, partners, and third parties.
  • Ensure the quality of management and is the basis for organizing quality accreditation.

SIMI has developed live webcast lectures so that international students can participate in the classroom in the same way that students in Switzerland do. Despite geographical distance, the system enables students to participate and connect with instructors and worldwide peers.


SIMI implements operations with customers as the center. SIMI’s customers are trainees, partners, independent accrediting units and related third parties.

  • SIMI carefully monitors academic and non-academic-related activities to ensure that customers’ expectations are met.
  • SIMI maintains an online reception and feedback system to ensure reasonable requirements from student and third-party are met.
  • SIMI focuses on meeting the reasonable needs of its clients while assuring academic excellence, seriousness in examinations, and preserving quality as a Swiss University and Postgraduate Institute.

SIMI - Accredited and recognized undergraduate and postgraduate institution.

Contact SIMI

Bahnhofstrasse 21, 6300 Zug, Switzerland

SIMI is the first Higher Education provider in Zug, Switzerland. SIMI is accredited by ASIC and licensed by Canton of Zug, Switzerland in the training and research

Accredited by ASIC
Zug Switzerland, Legal license CHE-258.080.017

PUS utilizes the entire quality control system of Switzerland's SIMI University.

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