Balance between Practically-oriented
and Academically-focused
SIMI professors aim to strike a perfect balance
between focusing on learning
that is academically-rigorous yet practically-applicable.
Academic Board
Hybrid Learning
We bring together the best of “both”
worlds enhancing traditional face-to-face learning
with e-learning tools to maximize students’ learning.
Hybrid Learning

Change starts with asking questions, and we ask our students' questions!

Training is more than just teaching instructions; it is also about assisting students in answering their major issues, assisting them in finding solutions with encouragement and creativity. SIMI’s teaching staff instills this spirit in every lecture.

  • SIMI lecturers are carefully selected based on their academics, work experience and suitability with subject matter, curriculum, and regional learning audience.
  • SIMI instructors are experts in the field of teaching.
  • SIMI instructors are passionate about the fields they teach and work in.
  • SIMI instructors are ready to assist during and after class
  • SIMI lecturers always update their lectures to suit and adapt to the conditions, circumstances, competencies, culture of students and the working environment.

SIMI lecturers' characteristics

Faculties & Departments

Faculty of Business and Management

The Faculty of Business and Management is in charge of programs in administration, management, and business with an emphasis on theory and practice, supplementing career skills, leadership skills, problem solving, and dialectical thinking.

Faculty of Educational Sciences

The Faculty of Educational Sciences is responsible for programs related to pedagogical methods, the application of technology in teaching, teaching models, reasoning and intensive practice for students who are teachers or educational administrators.

Faculty of Aviation Administration and Logistics

SIMI’s Faculty of Aviation Administration and Logistics was the first graduate and postgraduate institute in Switzerland to provide Aviation Administration, and it is still the only one that can offer this major. The Faculty of Aviation and Logistics Management offers studies in management and transportation for the aviation industry.

Information Technology Department

SIMI’s information technology department carries on Zug Switzerland’s legacy of innovation and creativity with programs in technology, information technology, and digital transformation. SIMI’s technology and information technology programs are always highly applicable, with hands-on equipment provided by industry leaders.

Banking and Finance Department

SIMI’s Faculty of Banking and Finance not only provides accounting, finance, and banking training, but also qualifies students with in-depth knowledge and abilities to work in the international banking and financial industry.

Faculty of Hospitality Management

Switzerland is renowned as the training cradle of Hospitality Management and the faculty of Hospitality Management of SIMI must also meet this expectation of international students. The faculty’s programmes are in conjunction with CTH UK, the world’s leading professional organisation for hospitality.

Benefits for learners

Up-to-date lectures

Courses, teaching materials, and textbooks are continually updated to reflect changes in the business environment.

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Practical knowledge

SIMI’s programs are established on a practice-based foundation in collaboration with the Level-based vocational education system in the United Kingdom.

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Complementary Skills

Besides providing academic knowledge, SIMI’s program also complements students with job skills, allowing them to quickly adapt to the working environment after graduation.

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Minimum support of 50% of tuition feesFor full-time students studying abroad in Switzerland if they have graduated PUS

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